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  • Can I use Luvbiotics everyday?

Yes! Each product is different in terms of how many times you can take it. Toothpaste should be used twice a day when brushing, mouthwash should be used twice a day after brushing, our lozenges can be used 3 times a day after meals and we recommend 2 supplements per day, one in the morning and one in the night. 

  • Are Luvbiotics suitable for the family?

Luvbiotics® is family friendly for adults and children over 12.

  • Are Luvbiotics suitable for Vegans?

Our Entire Supplement range is vegan friendly as well as our mouth wash and both our toothpastes. Our Lozenges are Vegetarian friendly!

  • What’s beneficial about probiotics?

Probiotics help to balance the microbiome depending on what part of the body the product targets. A balanced microbiome helps improve overall health. For example, our gut health supplements target the gut using probiotics and balances the bacteria in that area to help control digestion and benefit your immune system.

  • How do you take the lozenges?

With our lozenges you can take any time to refresh your mouth. We recommend using them after a meal when brushing is not possible. You can use up to 3 a day! Make sure you let the lozenges slowly dissolve in your mouth as it allows time for the probiotics to work. Excess liquid in your mouth is completely safe to swallow and good ingredients for you

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