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Luvbiotics Original Mouthwash with Probiotics - 500ml
Luvbiotics Original Mouthwash with Probiotics - 500ml
Luvbiotics Original Mouthwash with Probiotics - 500ml
Luvbiotics Original Mouthwash with Probiotics - 500ml
Luvbiotics Original Mouthwash with Probiotics - 500ml
Luvbiotics Original Mouthwash with Probiotics - 500ml


  • Healthier gums

  • Restore balance of oral flora

  • Prevent periodontal conditions like gingivitis

  • Prevent mouth infections

  • Free from SLS, parabins, artificial colours and preservatives. 


Luvbiotics Original mouthwash uses bionet technology powered by probiotics and xylitol with natural ingredients, to promote good bacteria and balance oral flora for a happier, healthier mouth. Free from alcohol, SLS, parabens, artificial colours and preservatives. Contains Sodium Fluoride.


Aqua, Glycerin, Xylitol, Disodium Phosphate, Sodium Phosphate, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Polysorbate 20, Aroma (Menthol, Mentha Arvensis Leaf Oil, Mentha Piperita Oil, Mentha Spicata Herb Oil, Anethole, Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf Oil, Menthyl Salicylate, Menthyl Lactate), Cetylpryridinium Chloride, Sodium Fluoride, Lactobacillus, Limonene


  • FIRST TO THE MARKET WITH PROBIOTICS - Luvbiotics dental range is the first brand in Uk to use dental probiotics in formulations. Dental probiotics are clinically proven to improve oral hygiene through balancing oral flora. They promote the growth of beneficial bacteria while reducing the bad bacteria which cause dental issues

  • HIGHLY EFFECTIVE UNIQUE INGREDIENTS - Luvbiotics mouthwash contains many unique ingredients in its formulation. Our unique formulation is blended with Xylitol as the main sweetener. Xylitol is a natural sweetener that helps to prevent cavities and reduce tooth decay.

  • MORE NATURAL INGREDIENTS -Our mouthwash contains a blend of natural oils to provide fresh breath and a milder pleasant experience for you.

  • NO ALCOHOL OR SLS - These 2 ingredients are widely used because of cost-effectiveness. We have used much milder tooth-friendly ingredients in our formulation. Our fresh breath mouthwash also contains no artificial colours or flavours

  • HAPPY HEALTHY MOUTH - Luvbiotics mouthwash helps you maintain healthier gums, freshen your breath, fight tooth decay & reduce plaque

  • FOR EVEN HAPPIER HEALTHIER MOUTH - Use Luvbiotics toothpaste and lozenges as part of your daily dental routine

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
The Other Side
Maintains Oral Hygiene

I really like using this mouth wash. It makes my mouth feel refreshed and definitely cleaner than not using mouth wash at all. Therefore, I see that this product makes a positive improvement in my hygiene routine.I also like this mouthwash because it does not feel very harsh nor too chemical. It has a very intense minty taste (maybe a little overwhelming intensity for me personally), but it is not a chemical taste and does not have a bad aftertaste. Moreover, it is free from alcohol and does not contain any liquid-colouring chemicals. Therefore, I like this mouthwash better than some other brands.The only thing I would agree to improve is the quantity because it is quite quick to end (especially if there is more than one person using it). I would love to see this mouthwash in the bigger bottle but this is mainly because I like using it.Overall, a great product.

My new favourite mouthwash

It’s difficult to say how effectively the science about oral flora and good bacteria we’re dazzled with actually works. However, this mouthwash certainly keeps your mouth feeling fresh all day, unlike many mouthwashes where the effect is very temporary. It also tastes nice with none of the awful taste you have to grin and bear with many mouthwashes. It’s also free of alcohol which I always avoid in mouthwashes, as it’s very drying and is alcohol after all - with all the dangers that brings to the interior of the mouth.It has a simple clean, minty, slightly medicinal taste, not the nicest but certainly at the upper end of mouthwash flavours. It’s certainly at a higher price point than most (four times the price of what I’d normally get), but after a day of sitting in silence working in an empty lockdown office, my mouth feels much fresher than it otherwise would. I’m therefore a bit of a convert to this and I’ll continue using this product. You use it just like any other mouthwash, a swish around the mouth morning and night after brushing. As I say it’s hard to confirm if the good bacteria are making a difference - but they seem to be. Good stuff.

Family on the coast
Very effective mouthwash

I normally have issues with my breath, regularly told by my wife! I drink loads of coffee and I am rather carnivorous. This is certainly making my breath better. After using it my whole mouth feels clean, not just my teeth and gums but my tongue and cheeks. Often my tongue might feel fuzzy, this seems to reduce that with use.I find that I'm not getting the unpleasant sensations I might normally get with the only other effective brand I know (beginning With L). Their product undoubtedly also works but I'm often put off by the harsh feeling. This mouthwash feels like it does just as good of a job just without the intensity.

Aspiring Artist
Removes bad breath and protects your teeth health!

This is quite easily the most effective Mouthwash I have used. There is a lot to love about it and for the two weeks that I have been using this product, I have noticed a nice change in mouth bacteria growth, teeth whitening and breath freshness.You don’t need a lot at a time, half the serving cap is sufficient to get a good rinse. After just a few seconds, I noticed my tongue burning slightly. This could be because of the probiotics in the mouthwash that help to remove the bacteria on your tongue. This is because before use my tongue would be slight white/yellow, though after a 2 minute rinse, it would almost be all gone. The flavour is quite intense and minty, though this means you won’t need to worry about your breath during the day as it will retain its natural freshness.This mouthwash isn’t cheap, but based on my experience it’s clearly far better than those supermarket brands you can buy for just a fraction of the price. Not to mention, Luvbiotics includes ingredients to help protect your teeth, whereas those cheaper brands are known to do quite the opposite. Hence, I feel the price is justified as you won’t need to use everyday, perhaps just twice a week.Thank you for reading my honest review, I hope you found it helpful! :)

Mrs T

Leaves your mouth clean and refreshed

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