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How do probiotics help improve my teeth, gums and breath (oral health)?

Dental probiotics are specific strains of bacteria chosen for their known dental care benefits. Traditionally probiotics have been associated with digestive health but recent studies support the use of probiotics for oral health purposes.

When you have too many of the bad bacteria in your oral cavity this can lead to poor oral hygiene like plaque build-up, bad breath and gingivitis. The probiotics used in Luvbiotics® encourage the good bacteria to over populate the bad bacteria to help maintain good oral hygiene.

Can I use Luvbiotics® everyday?

Yes absolutely! It is recommended by The British Dental Association that you brush your teeth twice daily. To maximise the effect from your Luvbiotics® products, we recommend you follow with a capful of Luvbiotics® mouthwash and Luvbiotics® lozenges especially when brushing is not immediately possible.

Can the whole family use Luvbiotics®?

Luvbiotics® is family friendly for adults and children over 12. 

Are probiotics harmful if swallowed?

No probiotics are not harmful if swallowed, but we recommended you spit out the toothpaste and mouthwash after rinsing. Luvbiotics® lozenges are designed to be swallowed but do not exceed the daily recommended dosage (3 per day or see pack for details)

What ingredients are in Luvbiotics® products?

Our Luvbiotics® Advanced Bionet technology utilises special ingredients known for their proven dental benefits:

Probiotics: specially selected strains of lactobacillus reduces bad bacteria and plaque

Xylitol: a natural sweetener that helps prevents cavities and reduce tooth decay

Is Luvbiotics® suitable for vegetarians?

Yes Luvbiotics® is suitable for vegetarians. We selected as many natural ingredients as possible in our carefully crafted formulations.

Why is advanced bionet technology unique?

We’ve been working with world leading scientists and dentists to develop our unique breakthrough advanced Bionet technology. Bionet is a completely new and innovative technology which blends probiotics and xylitol with selected natural ingredients to deliver advanced dental hygiene. Unlike most regular toothpastes which destroy most of the good and bad bacteria, bionet promotes growth of good bacteria to crowd out the bad, making it a kinder way to balance your oral microbiome.

Does Luvbiotics® contain sodium fluoride?

The current range includes sodium fluoride, as recommended by The British Dental Association. For those of you who are not keen on the use of sodium fluoride, we are developing a range especially for you which will be free from this ingredient, so watch this space.

How should I store my Luvbiotics®?


Store in a cool and dry place, protect from light and heat. The natural ingredients can vary slightly in appearance or colour and may crystalize. This will not affect the quality of this product.



Store between 5°C to 25°C 


Store between 5°C to 25°C. The natural ingredients may result in variations of colour and appearance. Cetylpryridinium Chloride(CPC) added in luvbiotics mouthwash can change colour when it’s sealed and this does not affect the quality of the products. This ingredient offers numerous oral care benefits, making it an essential component of our mouthwash

Is Luvbiotics® a medical product that I get on prescription?

Luvbiotics® is not a medical product so you can’t get it on prescription, but your healthcare or dental professional may recommend using probiotic oral care. 

Do Luvbiotics® contain SLS, parabens or alcohol?

Luvbiotics® does not contain SLS like many other toothpastes but it does contain a specially selected natural foaming agent derived from coconut (Cocamidopropyl Betaine).

Luvbiotics® does not contain parabens or alcohol either as we keep our product ingredients as natural as possible for you.

Luvbiotics® lozenges vary in appearance, is that right?

Your Luvbiotics® lozenges may vary slightly in appearance, colour and may crystallize due to their natural ingredients, but rest assured this will not affect the outstanding quality of this product.

Luvbiotics Advanced Formula Nutritional range 

It’s ok to take Luvbiotics nutritional capsules at any time of the day, but preferably on a full stomach.

Can I take Luvbiotics nutritional capsules every day?

Yes, Luvbiotics are safe to use on an ongoing basis. Some of the ingested probiotics may be able to establish colonies on the gut lining and while others exert a positive effect while passing through the digestive system and excreted via the stool. Therefore, it is recommended a daily intake to maintain the positive effects in the long term. 

Do I need to refrigerate Luvbiotics?

No, Luvbiotics capsules do not require refrigeration. Our products are individually blister-packed and safe to store at room temperature. 

Where is the Luvbiotics nutritional range made?

All Luvbiotics nutritional range products are carefully manufactured in the UK in a state-of-the-art GMP-approved facility. Each and every product is guaranteed to be of the highest quality. 

Is Luvbiotics Nutritional range suitable for Vegans 

Yes, all Luvbiotics nutritional range is suitable for vegans and also gluten-free 

Is luvbiotic nutritional range is free from preservatives, flavouring and colours?

Yes, all our nutritional range is free from above 

Do Luvbiotics probiotics survive stomach acid?

We have carried out in vitro studies with simulated gastric fluid (SGF) for probiotic strains used in Luvbiotics formulations and no significant loss of viability of the organisms was seen over a 3-hour period.

Can I use the luvbiotic nutritional range to culture yogurt?

Luvbiotics nutritional range is not specified as a yogurt starter culture and individual strains are not selected on their ability to ferment the milk. Some customers have reported success and some have not.

What is the benefit of using multi-strain probiotic formulations?

Our body host diverse range of different bacterial strains. Each specific strain has a specific function and most of them work together symbiotically to improve the host’s health positively. So it makes sense to use a specific multi-strain probiotic supplement.

Can I take probiotic supplements while taking anti-biotic treatments?

Yes, there are no of clinical studies demonstrating that taking a probiotic supplement during antibiotic treatment can reduce the occurrence of antibiotic-associated diarrhea.  

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