'Luv' Your Gut

Did you know bacteria in your gut can weigh up to two kilograms?!

Some of us are guilty for not paying attention to our gut. We always regret it when we suffer from painful bloating or irritable bowels. There's nothing worse than an upset gut. Even though some symptoms are only temporary, an unhealthy gut can actually cause long-term health issues. We don't mean to scare you, we just want the best for your gut!

Gut probiotics have become really popular in recent times. For starters, its a more natural solution than many 'over the counter medicines' we tend to use for our gut. Many still don't understand what probiotics are and how they help. Probiotics are 'friendly' bacteria that balance the bad bacteria in the microbiomes within your body, in this case your gut microbiome. Don't worry about the big words if you're still not 100% clear. All you need to know is that your gut actually does need bacteria to help with its function, probiotics just make sure that the bacteria the bacterial balance is right and is good for you!

Our vegan probiotic gut health supplements also contain natural ingredients to further help your gut including turmeric and calcium. Natural remedies are the best remedies by far for treating your health.

Start 'luv-ing' your gut and take action!